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Blue chic Designs started with an idea I had long ago to create a line of interesting Fashion Design.

My idea was to make my family and friends looks outstanding.

The collection is made to make women elegant and confident in their day to day activities


Our clothes are made with organic, eco friendly and biodegradable materials that contain 50% less Ink and requires 50% less water.

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Born in Lagos Nigeria.

started sewing since 10, I was able make dress for my dummy, amend my skirt and many other things. With needle and tread ( My power tool ) at age 11

As i put mileage on i loved fashion more. when mom buys me dresses, I would use my needle and tread to make ruffles, rose or anything just to make it look fashionable and trendy. I always want to look different from my pals even as a little girl.

Year later i decided to make fashion my career i took some fashion trainings some online trainings for ungraded ( still does that till date )

There after i got job work in some fashion houses, and this really hoelped me a lot. I got more exposed into fashion world and businuss. Years later i decided to come up with my own brand.

I came up with a brand name NNEKA COUTURE and later rebranded to

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